Schedule & Links for International Passive House Days in NY Region

Today, Friday Nov 8th:

Barn and Passive House, 2pm-5pm, Ancram, NY. BarlisWedlick architects, Bill Stratton Building Co. More info and sign-up here. 


Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 9th:

8th Street, Park Slope, 10-2pm. Brooklyn, NY. Baukraft Engineering(CPHC), J’s Customs Contracting. More info and sign-up here. 

Trumansburg Montessori school, 11am-1pm. Truman, NY 
Blake Reid/Snug Planet. More info and sign-up here. 

R-951, Prospect Heights, 11am – 3pm. Brooklyn, NY Paul. A Castrucci, Architect. More info and sign-up here. 

Union Street, Cobble Hill, 11am-12.30pm. Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Dev. & construction (CPHC and Builders). More info and sign-up here.

Cancelled: Orient Point Artist Studio, noon – 2pm.  Orient, L.I. Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects and Right Environments.  More info and sign-up here. 

255 Columbia Street, Columbia Waterfront 4pm – 6pm. Brooklyn NY.  7 story new construction PH apartments. Loadingdock5 Architects. More info and sign-up here. 


Sunday Nov 10th: 

803 Knickerbocker Ave, 10-11:30AM – Brooklyn – 24 units, new construction, Chris Benedict Architect. RSVP required here.

424 Melrose Street,, 1pm – 2:30pm – Brooklyn – 24 units, new construction, Chris Benedict Architect. RSVP required here. 

Teaneck PH, 12-4pm. Teaneck, NJ. Van Bemmelen Architecture LLC. More info and sign-up here. 

Mamaroneck Home, 2-4pm. Westchester.  A.M. Benzing Architect.  More info and sign-up here.

Ing Passive House, Noon – 2pm. High Falls, NY. Architect: Wendy Ing. PH consultant: Jordan Goldman, Zero Energy Design. More info and sign-up here. 


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