No. 4 Oil Isn’t as Cheap as you Think

On the fence about whether to convert to No. 4 oil, No. 2 oil or go dual fuel (gas and No. 2 oil)? Here is a look at the cons of burning No. 4 oil.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Multifamily Buildings in Northern Manhattan

NYC is making burning No.6 oil illegal beginning in 2015, and some property managers are switching to No.4 oil in order to satisfy minimum conversion requirements. However, burning No.4 is costly financially, and to community health.

NYC Clean Heat states that building managers should “consider system efficiencies, maintenance budgets, occupant comfort, and City and State regulations when choosing cleaner heating oils’.”

The purpose of this article is to outline the cons of burning No.4 heating oil in order to encourage building managers to transition to a cleaner heating source, such as ULS No.2 oil or natural gas.

What is No.4 oil?

No. 4 oil is a fuel source mix of 47% No.6 oil and 53% ULS No.2 oil. It operates similar to No.6 with the exception that the boiler side arm heater – which is needed to help burn the oil at 100°F in order to flow to the thank…

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