Was Your Con Ed Bill Really High in January??

Beware of the cable box! I hear they use a lot of electricity. My roommate and I for the past year have not had a bill greater than $50. Though we don’t have a television and we don’t have window a/cs.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Multifamily Buildings in Northern Manhattan


On February 17th, after a celebratory birthday brunch my roommate and I were greeted by Con Edison employees in the lobby of our building. They were knocking on resident’s doors to distribute new energy saving light bulbs, power cords and water saving faucets and shower heads. The Con Edison Staff was very helpful and nice as they explained that the equipment was being given out for free to decrease our energy bills. They also made sure to let us know how each device worked and how it should be installed. Our building was participating in a Con Edison energy- efficiency program for multi-family homes. My roommate and I joked about her new birthday presents on the way up to our suite.

Our Con Edison bills had been very high in the past couple of months, reaching up to $150 per person. Being college students and living in Manhattan…

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