First and largest smart-grid-connected streetlight project in U.S.

What makes the latest project from Florida Power & Light and Silver Spring Networks so unique?  It is the “single largest public lighting network to be deployed in North America, and notably, the first to ride on the same network used for smart metering”, according to Sterling Hughes, Silver Spring’s senior director of advanced technology.

So what are the benefits of having a lighting system on a smart metering network?

  • Better and more efficient diagnostics
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Planned operational improvements
  • Adding lighting control to an existing smart meter network shouldn’t be too much of an added cost
  • A SilverLink Sensor Network is designed with networking nodes programmed as “virtual sensors” to parse and prioritize certain data for different operations

It is important to note that having “digitally controllable LEDs” is essential for keeping costs low on installing a wireless connection.

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Energy technologies vulnerable to hacking

Recently there has been an increase in the awareness of the risk to hacking in new energy technology network systems.

Jon Guerster of Groom Energy highlights two well publicized instances 1)  70 million Target customer’s personal information was accessed by hackers through an HVAC energy management system; and  2) 2010 Stuxnet worm attack through Siemens energy control systems.  

Jon also raises an important question of how to ensure security in the residential market with the rapid increase of smart meter and internet-based thermostat installations.  Currently, “Google’s Nest system already has perpetual internet access to over 1 million homes. Back-end network access could potentially provide open visibility to all of the home’s computers, entertainment systems and mobile devices.”

While attending the AHR expo at the Javits Center in NYC I was preoccupied looking for the latest tools and gadgets to improve field inspections.  Did cyber security have a presence at the expo?

Are there forums or conferences organized to address the issue of hacking and energy security in the “built environment”?

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Your Window Air Conditioner May Finally Become Part of the Connected Home : Greentech Media

“In the past two years, ConEd had equipped window ACs with ThinkEco’s modlet smart plug and a SmartAC thermostat kit, which essentially turns the room AC unit into something that can be controlled via the internet or smartphone.”

Wouldn’t it be great to beable to turn on your a/c just before you leave the office so that you could arrive to your apartment and it is already cooled down?  Even better, what if you could get paid for turning off your A/C during peak times.  Note that there is ample notification before you have to turn off your unit so you can plan a trip to the grocery store, movie theater or local community pool and stay cool while you get paid.

Interconnecting two different software to maximize building efficiencies

“By working closely with Siemens to jointly test the BACnet integration between the Quantum and APOGEE systems, we are able to provide facility managers with a better user experience and ‘single pane of glass’ for managing their different building systems,” said Mark Jenner, new business alliances director at Lutron. “Instead of disparate pieces of software to manage all of the different building systems — lighting, shading, HVAC, door access, fire/safety, energy metering — BACnet makes it possible to integrate all of the software tools into one, saving valuable time and maximizing efficiencies.”– achrnews

Discussion on energy managers

Discussion of roles and responsibilities of the energy manager

Abhay Ambati discusses roles and responsibilities of the energy manager in terms of the project sequence followed by PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge, published by Project Management Institute), wherein a typical project has five process groups namely; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.

Energy Management: 5 KPIs that Increase ROI and NOI

“KPIs should be able to be measured, benchmarked, compared, sliced and diced. And the first most important step to make use of KPIs is to have a solution to get a high-level view and therefore manage your energy data. Many multifamily utility billing and invoicing products offer some level of this service. Some even have experts who tailor a system to a company’s needs. Even our old friend Excel can produce some measurable results. A high-powered energy management system, however, is a proven ally.

With a measurement and verification (M&V) system in place, properties can define factors that are important to managing energy spends that favorably affect the bottom line.”—by