Should Real Estate Deals Include Operating Costs?

Should Real Estate Deals Include Operating Costs?

Few real estate deals — sales or leases — disclose or even discuss energy use. But should a higher return on investment based on energy cost be a part of the conversation?

Reprogramming Existing City Infrastructure for Sustainability

” Officials are joining hands with engineers and corporate R&D teams to improve access to essential resources like water, energy and sunlight, and increase social and environmental wellbeing by reimagining the potential of the resources they already have. …As existing resources come under pressure, there will be rewards for innovators who can stretch their applications in new directions.” —Scott Burnham

Tech industry is intersecting with green building and sustainability in 5 ways

Tech industry is intersecting green building and sustainability

“List of issues that are generally most critical for technology industry companies when considering new office premises within New York City. You’ll note how green components specifically weave their way into items 3 through 5.”