Property Efficiency Scorecard to launch at RetailGreen Conference

Property Efficiency Scorecard to launch at RetailGreen Conference

“When ICSC set out to develop a new tool for measuring retail shopping center performance, it was with an understanding that this is a road that others have traveled before. In fact, this effort only came about as a result of member frustration at the failure of existing tools to meet the unique needs of the retail owner community.  The Property Efficiency Scorecard will launch as a web-based software tool with several key functions, designed for ease-of-use and to serve the needs of smaller and larger property owners alike.”


PECI tests New Buildings Institute’s plug load energy use metrics at HQ

“The intent of NBI’s new metrics is to set a benchmark for plug load energy use and make it easier for building owners and managers to spot opportunities to improve energy efficiency. The methodology allows an apples-to-apples comparison of plug load energy use across commercial buildings, even if they have vastly different plug load makeups and characteristics.”–PECI

App that satisfies comfort and energy savings

With Comfy app for buildings, creature comforts save energy

“According to Krioukov, research from the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment shows that less than 40 percent of office workers are satisfied with their comfort in workplace. “And at the same time, we have a huge energy spend and energy waste in office buildings. So if the building were more attuned to the people, then you could eliminate the discomfort and save a huge amount of energy.”  —Elaine Hsieh

PECI Training Program Rises to Meet Commissioning Demand

PECI will conduct the first ever in-person commissioning lab in support of our Commissioning Authority Training. The lab in February will take place Sacramento City College, CA. We’ll be using a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for training purposes while remaining a fully functioning occupied building. One of the really cool things about this site is that, although it’s relatively small, it contains the kind of complex HVAC systems you’d find in a large commercial building; that means students won’t have to walk half a mile between the chiller and the air handler! “

Calculate LCA with new Revit plug-in

Calculate LCA with new Revit plug-in

“With demand for whole-building life-cycle assessment (LCA) increasing, a partnership of architects, LCA experts, and software developers has worked to release Tally—a new tool that allows designers to track environmental impacts in real time while creating models in the popular building information modeling (BIM) software Revit. Created by KieranTimberlake, PE International, and Autodesk (developer of Revit), the tool is currently being offered as a free public beta release.”