Air Conditioning Season Is Nearly Here | Habitat Magazine

After the first heatwave of the season here are some reminders on the proper installation of Window AC units. Share with your tenants or post information in your building lobby to make sure everyone stays cool and safe.

Source: Air Conditioning Season Is Nearly Here | Habitat Magazine


Tools For Your Super That Could Save You Money

The April edition of The Cooperator listed some tips on common tools and fixes your building staff should be aware of. These tools and tips could save you from unnecessary expenses. How many of these does your building super do/have?

  • Use a moisture reader (to detect leaks before opening a wall)
  • Portable floodlights with chains (illuminate exterior work areas such as new concrete to prevent vandalism)
  • Wire mesh that can be cut to size for drain covers in parking areas (clean weekly to prevent buildup)
  • Sandbags for low-lying areas that are prone to flooding (put them out before a big rainfall)

The entire article with some additional tips can be found here.

Up in (no) Smoke?

Public Housing Agencies were presented with a proposal in November to end smoking in public housing facilities. Currently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is reviewing comments and requests for additional resources and time to enforce the proposed ban before finalizing the law.

Will this be a trend? Do you want your building to go smoke free? A recent article in the cooperator examines the topic in depth. What do you think?

Click here to read the article in The Cooperator.

Taking Down the trash!

flickr|David Woo

flickr|David Woo

No one will argue, NYC contributes a large amount of garbage to our landfills.

But things are changing.

A recent article in The Cooperator outlines what some building owners and residents are doing to reduce the amount of trash from their buildings. And it works! However, from composting to recycling, these programs rely on building owners and managers to provide residents with the necessary access and tools to be effective.

How much trash does your building generate? Do you think any of these programs would work in your building?

For more ideas, read the full article at the Cooperator.

NYC Council adopts part of ASHRAE’s Legionella standard after outbreak

Last Thursday, the NYC council adopted part of ASHRAE’s newly written Legionella Standard which covers registration and maintenance of cooling towers. Existing cooling towers will need to be registered within 30 days and new towers must be registered prior to becoming operational. All towers will need to be inspected, cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis and each tower must have a maintenance plan.

If your building has a cooling tower visit the NYC Department of Buildings to begin the registration process and learn more about the recently passed legislation.

What do you think of the new legislation? Should all of ASHRAE’s Standard have been adopted?

How are the window A/C units installed in your building?

AC_Quinn DombrowskiImage: Quinn Dombrowski|Flickr

With the unofficial start of summer just days away and temperatures rising, window air conditioning units will begin to jut from building windows. How are the units in your building installed?

Property managers should make sure that the units are being properly installed and secured to protect pedestrians around their buildings. It is also wise to make sure that the unit has a dedicated outlet with the proper electrical current.

Building managers at a minimum should have set guidelines for residents to follow for installation. For better control, they can offer to install the units for tenants. Property managers will need to determine the best policy for their buildings and tenants to ensure safe installation of these units.