World’s first HVAC rating criteria

“AIRAH hopes the development of the world’s first HVAC rating criteria by Australian industry will have a “profound impact” upon market practices by putting pressure on companies to improve the efficiency of their products and endeavour to make improvements.”

Is the way to create change and movement towards energy efficiency and sustainable marketplace by putting pressure on the manufacturer’s?  Will that illicit the right response?

“The Online HVAC Rating Tool will make use of both quantitative data and qualitative information covering the design, installation and operational phases to rank the performance of different HVAC systems and will “rate, reward and encourage” best practice products on the market.”

I think one component that was left out of this new ranking of performance is the ability to retrofit a unit as well as the disposal and recycling of the HVAC system.  It seems in the US that most equipment is designed with a short life span and that the owner is left with the burden of disposal instead of manufacturer encourage to take back and reclaim.

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