Latest Review of a Software for Tracking Energy Use in Buildings

WegoWise, is one of several IT firms that has created software for tracking energy use in buildings.  Stephen Lacey of Green Tech Media argues that Wego Wise  has one of the most creative ways to present energy use data that is being collected in their database of buildings. Visualizing Building Efficiency is a new website setup by WegoWise that is designed to help individuals “visualize building efficiency”.  A few of the visuals that Stephen Lacey explores are:

  • Savings from a toilet retrofit look like a toilet flushing
  • Building energy use intensity looks like a flock of birds
  • Regional energy consumption differences look like a rubber band

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4 ways LEED v4 will change business

4 ways LEED v4 will change business

“Figuring out how to best implement more holistic sustainability reporting is a work in progress, but we see life cycle assessment, chemical hazard assessment and supply chain transparency as part of the new normal for manufacturers in every sector.

The final question for companies everywhere remains: Will you contribute proactively to making new tools such as LEED v4 work for business, or will you simply react as these trends move into your sector?”  –By Mikhail Davis and Melissa Vernon

1. Harnessing the power of transparency

2. Using LCA as a product differentiator

3. Responsible sourcing of (all) raw materials

4. Hazard-based ingredients reporting