Roundtable Recap: Money vs. Power | Urban Green Blog

Cecil Scheib, in his recent blog, highlights a growing concern that “simply comparing total energy use per square foot between different buildings omits important context”.

At a recent “Money Vs. Power” roundtable,Steven Baumgartner (Buro Happold) wondered, “wouldn’t thinking about what the building is used for be a good part of the discussion?”  More specifically, what would it mean to “compare building energy usage to the tenant’s contribution to the economy”. Building Economic Energy Coefficient, or BEEC, a new metric developed by Baumgartner based on comparing overall building economic impact (consisting of tenants weighted impact)  to its total energy use per square foot. A building with higher BEEC indicates tenants that have a larger contribution to the economy than another building with the same energy use per square foot but with tenants whose business types provide fewer economic benefits.

Baumgartner says that “BEEC hasn’t been put on the table to drive policy. It’s been put on the table to spark discussion.”

Cecil raises two limitations of the BEEC:

  1. Not actual financial data thus “BEEC number is a general indicator, not a precise measure”
  2. Tenant activity, moving in/out, behavior etc can impact the BEEC

What are your thoughts?

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