Accountability for our Aging Infrastructure

Kavitha Rajagopalan writes a commentary piece about the lack of accountability  for building disasters and the need for cities at the local level to address the aging infrastructure.

She states:

“Emerging thinking in resilience shows that true sustainability begins when communities are responsible for their own governance. The people who live in a place and use its resources are the best sources of information on how sufficient those resources are or how well they are functioning. Only when local residents are empowered to become “stewards” of their lived environment can they make the best use of this information.”

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The first step for successful energy efficiency program implementation

“Most program managers articulate program goals as part of the planning process. What often is missing from these efforts is a fully articulated logic model. This is unfortunate because in addition to helping avoid program design flaws, the logic model provides guidance for program implementation and lays the foundation for a meaningful program evaluation. “

Logic Model

  • As a program planning tool
  • As a communication tool
  • As a program management tool
  • As a program evaluation tool