NYISO & 8 transmission owners deployed new grid sensors and smart grid technologies across the state – FierceSmartGrid

NYISO & transmission owners constructed a new control center and smart grid installations with a $38 million Recovery Act investment that will result in an estimated $200 million in savings throughout New York annually.

The new construction is designed with the intention to  improve the reliability of the power grid and streamline the efficiency of power transmission.  More specifically,Barbara Vergetis Lundin in the article highlights: “installing new transmission capacitors to increase the ability of grid operators to regulate transmission voltages, as well as advanced software and tools that help NYISO engineers conduct extensive and detailed system modeling and analysis”.

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What’s wrong with the unit in this picture?



I recently visited a townhouse on the Upper East Side of NYC to conduct an EDR calculation for a steam heating replacement.  When I visited the basement to look at the unit needing to be replaced I noticed a couple of interesting existing issues.

Would love to start a discussion on steam units people observe in NYC.