Energy technologies vulnerable to hacking

Recently there has been an increase in the awareness of the risk to hacking in new energy technology network systems.

Jon Guerster of Groom Energy highlights two well publicized instances 1)  70 million Target customer’s personal information was accessed by hackers through an HVAC energy management system; and  2) 2010 Stuxnet worm attack through Siemens energy control systems.  

Jon also raises an important question of how to ensure security in the residential market with the rapid increase of smart meter and internet-based thermostat installations.  Currently, “Google’s Nest system already has perpetual internet access to over 1 million homes. Back-end network access could potentially provide open visibility to all of the home’s computers, entertainment systems and mobile devices.”

While attending the AHR expo at the Javits Center in NYC I was preoccupied looking for the latest tools and gadgets to improve field inspections.  Did cyber security have a presence at the expo?

Are there forums or conferences organized to address the issue of hacking and energy security in the “built environment”?

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