How to tell sustainability stories on social media

Continuing on the theme of behavioural change from yesterday, a recent article in the Guardian analyzes how companies currently try to sell sustainability through multimedia.  There findings summed up in one sentence, “If companies are going to become truly sustainable they will need not just to change their systems, supplies and products; they will also need to change the expectations and behaviour of their consumers.” @sustainly

Highlights of the analysis by Matthew Yeomans: 

  • Nearly half of the 475 companies studied have social media channels or campaigns dedicated to discussing their sustainability or corporate social responsibility efforts.
  • Investigated how the “big 10” FMCG multinationals use their brands’ social media channels to talk sustainability.
  • The 35 brands that do discuss sustainability or CSR causes reach only 162 million Facebook “fans” and 78 million of those are “fans” of one brand

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