Deep “energetische sanierung” in Berlin

Deep “energetische sanierung” In Berlin

A recent Deep Energy Retrofit project in Berlin installed 120 mm (4 3/4 inch) thick blocks of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in the original masonry walls. According to the author EPS is the predominant rigid insulation found in Germany.  The article goes on to discuss the importance of proper anchors to minimize thermal bridging and taping of seams. And of course…don’t forget to pay attention to the flashing around the windows.

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In Berlin, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the insulation of choice for exterior insulation retrofit projects

A Deeper look into the impacts of clean tech on Germany

“The web is littered with conflicting opinion pieces on the German experience — some claiming the country’s aggressive promotion of renewables is anoncoming economic disaster, and some saying those concerns are far overblown, if not totally false. So what are we to believe?

In this week’s show, we’ll look at Germany’s evolving relationship with renewables, the impact on electricity prices, and the outlook for its nuclear phase-out.” — The ENERGY GANG