NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Four Green-Code Bills

The Green-Code Bill recently passed by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio are geared towards improvimg your health and our environment

The mandates are as follows:

      1) Construction companies to insulate piping which has been exposed during construction.

      2) Some stairwell doors in apartment buildings be equipped with devices to hold them open.

     3) Requires the use of mold-resistant drywall and cement in building areas prone to moisture.

     4) Construction companies use energy efficient lighting on construction sites.


Some questions come to my mind when reading the bills:

Will #1 and #4 increase the construction costs for the building owner?  Should construction companies provide additional information to the client showing the energy savings associated with the new mandates?

How will #2 impact security in a building?  how will this impact buildings that have conditioned hallways and permanently open louvers at the top of stairwells?

#3 should be tied in with greater emphasis on improved ventilation, in particular exhausting of bathrooms.  Even if the materials are mold resistant there needs to be equipment in place to regulate moisture in the building.