NY to move away from charging customers fees on top of their utility bill?

Recently NYS identified at the end of 2013 that less than half of the 30% renewables-by-2015 target had been met since the start of the 2004 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).  As a result, New York’s Public Service Commission has filed to create a new Clean Energy Fund to replace the state’s RPS.

New Clean Energy Fund will be paid for by state rate payers however the current RPS $4 average fee on customers’ utility bills (clean energy fee) will decrease over the next 6 years or so when it is expected the Green Bank will be fully funded. 

Does the reader agree with the commission’s statement, “The transition from the current suite of ratepayer supported programs to more market driven delivery mechanisms will decrease the need for ratepayer surcharges”?

If so, what is the outlook for NYSERDA which is funded by SBC charges on your utility bill?


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NY Gov’s Reforming Energy Vision

The goal of the Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reforming Energy Vision is to have the Public Service Commission (PSC) “improve system efficiency, empower customer choice, and encourage greater penetration of clean generation and energy efficiency technologies and practices”.

REV is a response to current issues such as:

  • Consumers spend hundreds of millions annually to maintain the full capabilities of a system that is needed only on the very hottest days of the summer.
  • The need for utilities to actively manage and coordinate a wide range of distributed resources, or generate electricity from many small energy sources
  • Lack of existing market enabling customers to optimize their energy priorities, provide system benefits, and be compensated for providing such system benefit


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