Invest now, save later: Energy Efficient Mortgage

Chris Birk discusses the benefits of an energy-efficient mortgage, the financial tools available to help customers and existing programs that offer the mortgage.

Main benefits:

  • savvy resale strategy
  • finance improvements that will optimize equipment and reduce usage
  • typically only approved when measure will result in net cost savings

It is important to note that an “energy-efficient mortgage isn’t the right fit for every person and every property. Run the numbers in detail, and compare them with other financing options such as a home equity line of credit or even a low-or no-interest credit card.” (Chris Birk)

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“RMI: Deep Energy Retrofits Get Less Attention Than They Deserve”

According to RMI,

“the lack of attention is partly due to the fact that Deep Energy Retrofits are:

  • Typically focused on energy cost savings alone
  • Inability to quantify and communicate additional “value streams as part of a retrofit capital request”

RMI has created a report detailing “structured and evidence-based methodology for determining the costs and savings of many other value streams, from additional operating cost savings categories to revenue drivers like employee comfort, health and productivity, and even market and reputation risk mitigation.”