Preliminary interpretation of the AEE report

A new report  has been published, based on data from Navigant Research, on the “global advanced energy sector” by Advanced Energy Economy (AEE). AEE is a clean energy business advocacy group. Analysis of Navigant Research’s data revealed the global advanced energy economy was valued at $1.1 trillion in 2013.

The AEE report also goes into detail for each of the building efficiency subsectors which as a whole represented $43.9 billion in U.S. revenues and $150 billion worldwide in 2013.

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Tentative cuts in U.S. energy tax incentives

“Our current set of energy tax incentives is overly complex and picks winners and losers with no clear policy rationale,” Baucus said in a statement. “We need a system of energy incentives that is more predictable, rational and technology-neutral.”– Bloomberg news

LLNL US Estimated Energy Use in 2011

LLNL US Estimated Energy Use in 2011

According to the chart rejected energy is a greater percentage than energy services and of the rejected energy looks like the energy industry should be targeting transportation and industry sectors.  LLNL

Exploring the Future of Wind and Hydrokinetic Energy

Hydrokinetic power is attractive due to its abundance, particularly near population centers. It is estimated that 370 TWh/yr (terawatt-hours per year) of hydrokinetic power is available from rivers and tidal currents in the United States, which equates to about 9% of the total annual U.S. energy demand. An additional 1,170 TWh/yr (29% of US energy demand) is available from wave power “–Q&A with Dartmouth’s Brenden Epps